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Boutique Boxes
Boutique Boxes are a great way to sell clothing in person
or in live online forums.
We have 3 box sizes:
Small - 30-40 pieces
Medium - 50-60 pieces
Large - 70-80 pieces
How to order:
1.  Fill out the Boutique Box form
2. Pay for shipping charges to ship to you
3.  You have 3 weeks to sell the clothing
4. Ship back the items you didn't sell  
(we will send you a return label and bill you for the return cost)
Boutique boxes are charged a minimum amount.
If you don't sell the minimum product amount, you'll want to keep a few items to total the minimum required.
Small Boxes (- Minimum charge - $125
Medium Boxes - Minimum charge - $150
Large Boxes - Minimum charge - $200
Please allow a minimum of 3 business days from your form submission to ship date, to give us time to curate your box.